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Genius mobile
Don't you have too much time for learning? Do you want to learn something new when you are stuck in a traffic jam? Do you want to repeat before exam? Try this site and its mobile version on the iPhone.

GeniusMobile for iPhone
Synchronize all content between this site and any number of iPhone devices.
Don't you like to edit texts on the phone? Login here and create your flashcards on the web.
All learning progress are synchronized. You can trace your progress at any time.
The mobile version of the application is using the Google Translator, so you can add new word at any time.
Mobility of the application speed up learning. If you see something new and don't know how to call it - add to the dictionary and learn later.
See the >> demo <<
2012.01.21 00:15
New import, allow to get your private cards sets from the flashcardexchange.com.
2012.01.09 13:34
The iPad version of GeniusMobile and GeniusMobile Lite released.
2012.01.03 20:39
New functionality added: search for the card set on the FlashcardExchange by user login or user ID
2012.01.01 23:16
GeniusMobile and GeniusMobile for iPad sent to Apple
2011.11.04 23:16
Added new feature: converting deck type, go to the folder list and choose the "switch type" action.
2011.11.04 21:44
GeniusMobile v1.3 is processing to the App Store. New version contain small fix, and new feature: quick add entry, tap twice on the deck and jump to a quick add entry window.
2011.10.25 07:11
GeniusMobile v1.2 and GeniusMobile Lite v1.2 released.
2011.10.23 19:43
Update is coming. New update has been sent to the Apple. New features: increased number of items in the free version, using mix (switch answer with questions) during quiz, calculate and show learning progress, fixed problem with crash when scrolling settings window
2011.10.21 07:55
GeniusMobile lite released
2011.09.14 23:10
New function "import" added. Import allow you to import flashcards to your set - the same functionality is accessible in the GeniusMobile iPhone.

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